Unlock your full potential. Health and Performance in Balance.
My mission is to help overworked leaders, managers & executives to bring out their best performance possible by overcoming stress, anxiety, overthinking and self-criticism. I achieve this with simple, easy to implement methods from modern performance psychology.
I will show you how to...
develop a perfect balance between high performance and health. This means more productivity and more time for your family, friends and passions.
deal with stress and negative thoughts the right way. Long-term, sustainable and healthy solutions instead of short-term band-aids.
clear your mind, relax, (re-)learn how to enjoy the moment and how to make the most out of the time with your loved ones.
develop clear priorities, a laser-sharp focus and the ability to say "No" in order to improve results and increase enjoyment at work.
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"I combine my experience working with over 200 executives with the most cutting-edge methods of psychology to provide you with the best possible solutions!"
Top performance and joy in life are not mutually exclusive but go hand in hand!
The ability to relax, to stay healthy and having a sense of purpose are essentioal for bringing out the best in yourself, your team, and your company. Through my coaching, you will discover how to cultivate a work life that is not only easier and more productive but also filled with joy and fulfillment.
What my clients have to say about me
Johannes von Mikulicz
Head of Transformation
"Jan immediately captivated us with his composed and calm demeanor, visibly reducing the stress levels within our group. Both his story and approach are fresh, inspiring, and above all, different - Jan can truly speak from personal experience. We look forward to many more formats with him and much less stress, thanks to him!"
Michael Kirsch
Leadership Consultant
"The excellent collaboration, reliability, and outstanding expertise of Jan were equally appreciated by both the Manufaktur für Führungskultur im Mittelstand e.V. and the participants. His competence and ability to inspire the audience resulted in very high participant satisfaction."
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Unhealthy Mindset
Pressure to perform and financial results as motivators. Deadlines and self-criticism are meant to facilitate performance.
More is better. Accepting every task. Wanting to do everything and do it perfectly. Not setting boundaries and going way beyond what is healthy and sustainable. Trying to be perfect and please everyone.
Competition, envy, silo thinking, unclear communication, and withholding information to gain advantages. Engaging in conflicts in an irrational, authoritarian, or agressive manner.
What actually works
Health and intrinsic motivation facilitate peak performance. Developing long-term habits that keep you strong and motivated.
Setting strong priorities. Working focused on the most important things. Establishing clear boundaries. Experiencing more meaning and productivity by being in a state of amazing flow.
Clear communication, genuine collaboration and good relationships. Open and fair conflict resolution. Because good teamwork leads to greater satisfaction and success.
How I can help you
Free First Consultation
In this video call we will define your goals. What are your expectations? What is your desired outcome?

I will explain my methods and how they can help you achieve your goals. We will plan the precise implementation, including formats, schedules, and conditions.

Do you have any questions? Are you unsure if my offer is suitable for you and your company?

Join the consultation and I will answer all your questions!
Free First Consultation
Coaching Programs
"Peak Performance" Coaching Package
-Developing a sustainable healthy lifestyle that fuels your best possible performance
- Overcoming stress, overthinking, self-criticism and perfectionism
- Dealing with setbacks, excuses and inner obstacles
- Enjoying the moment and creating more time for loved ones
- Staying focused and facilitating peak performance in a world full of distractions
"Personal Growth" Coaching Package
- Overcoming deeply rooted negative beliefs, that hold you back
- Building amazing relationships, that fuel success and joy in life
- Improving communication skills, charisma and confidence in order to attract or convince the right people
- Longterm support for continous personal growth. Because consistency is way more important than short-term results

Both programs can vary depending on your individual needs!
More about my coaching
If you want to establish "Peak Performance without Burnout" throughout your entire organization, my two-day seminar with subsequent transfer coaching is the right choice. Participants benefit from a combination of scientifically proven content and a strong focus on practical application.
Positive Leadership for happy, motivated & high-performing employees.
Open & honest communication to facilitate the best team-work possible.
Improving Focus & Flow for the best possible results.
Stress management to keep employees healthy.
More about my seminars
About me
I embarked on the path as a psychologist, coach, and trainer because I personally experienced the tremendous difference that the proper management of stress, pressure, and health can make. I suffered from burnout in my late twenties. I was trapped between extremely high self-expectations, external pressure to perform, and an unhealthy lifestyle. It wasn't until I reached a point of complete physical and mental exhaustion that I sought help and discovered that it is possible to achieve high performance and still find joy in life. However, it required external support and guidance to get there. Now, I combine my personal experience with the latest methods of psychology to help my clients achieve the transformation they desire.

In addition to running my own practice, I am proud to be a coaching partner of vieconsult GmbH, where I work as a  Leadership Coach and trainer on selected projects.
My Qualifications
Diploma in Psychology (University of Vienna)
Certified Positive Leadership Consultant (Markus Ebner - PERMA Lead)
SAM Mindfulness Trainer (Trigon Consultants)
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (Arbor Seminars)
Learning Mindfulness, Teaching Mindfulness (Arbor Seminars)
What is important to me
I strive to live what I address in my coaching as authentically as possible. I do not lecture or preach to anyone.
Quality & Everyday practicality
I only use scientifically proven methods, that are easy to understand and implement, even for very busy people.
I will never teach anything, that I'm not 100% convinced of. I will not lie to you if there is no easy solution to a problem.
Even though the content of my coachings & seminars is "serious", I will always strive to make them fun.
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