Unlock peak performance for yourself and your employees. Without burning out.
Discover how you and your employees can maintain long-term health and build resilience for difficult times.
Learn how to inspire yourself and your employees to achieve peak performance using Positive Leadership (PERMA model).
Improve communication, collaboration, and trust within your team and across the entire organization.
Discover why promoting employee autonomy and personal growth is far more effective than micro management and excessive control.
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Positive leadership increases revenue, employee performance, and customer satisfaction. But it is also the right thing to do from a human perspective.
Stress has become the #1 cause of sick leave, with an increasing trend. Positive leadership reduces the risk of burnout and absenteeism.
Replacing silo mentality and competition with cooperation and open communication greatly improves engagement and performance.
The strategic utilization of strengths enhances the sense of purpose, motivation, and the desire to contribute to the success of the company.
My 2.5 days seminar is designed to equip you and your company with everything needed for
‍healthy peak performance.
I do not offer one-day seminars because I don't believe in quick fixes and immediate success promises. Real change takes time and, most importantly, practice! That's why every seminar package I offer includes transfer coaching for all participants.
Day 1 - Self-Leadership & Stress Management

Theoretical Foundations - How does stress develop and how can one proactively deal with it (instead of completely avoiding it)?
Resilience - How the right level of stress enhances strength and performance.Goals & Motivation - What motivates me? When is something worth the stress?
Mindfulness - The "miracle cure" for stress?Commitment - Working consistently on important things despite resistance, excuses, bad habits, and setbacks.
Setting Priorities & Boundaries, Saying "No," Communicating with Confidence.
Health Behavior - How to overcome the inner resistance?
How to form long-term healthy habits?
Day 2 - Performance Psychology
How Positive Emotions improve health & performance
How the right utilization of strengths promotes engagement.
Relationships: Good relationships are the most essential success factor for teams.
Meaning: How everyone can feel fulfilled and motivated at work
Accomplishment: Why celebrating successes and personal growth are so important for long-term motivation.
Online Follow Up (4 hours)
Stress Management & Health
Learn to unwind, relax, and enjoy the simple things in life again.
Discover how to finally establish healthy habits that truly stick, including nutrition, exercise, and sleep.
Performance & Flow
What truly leads to peak performance (Hint: It's not pressure and deadlines!)
Discover how to create the optimal conditions for flow and high performance instead of leaving them to chance.
Follow Up Day
To ensure practice transfer a 4 hour follow up is part of every seminar.
Participants talk about their success, their difficulties and ask questions. This way theory turns into practice longterm.
Birgit Hass
creditshelf AG, Frankfurt
"The goal of the seminar was to provide our leaders with a healthy approach to stress and strengthen communication. Jan convinced us with his calm and likable demeanor and guided us well along the way. The straightforward methods were well-received, as we value simple processes as an innovative company. Our leaders felt energized and motivated to tackle the challenges of change after the workshop!"
Verena Schneider
Webdays Freiburg - Conference for Digital Marketing
"We booked Jan's talk 'Digital Stress - How to make the most of the new work world.' He showed the participants what constant accessibility, distractions, deadline pressure, and unclear boundaries between work and leisure do to us. At the same time, he presented solutions on how we can better handle these challenges. Not only in theory but also in practice. We were very satisfied with the presentation and can therefore recommend working with Jan!"
Get to know the practical tools to promote peak performance without burnout in your team and throughout your organization. It's simple, practical, and without undue pressure.
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