Jan Philippi - Psychologist & Former Poker Pro

Develop a rock solid poker mindset!

What my coaching is about...

Making the most of your potential - Getting out of the mindless grind and taking your career to the next level
Successfully dealing with tilt, stress and bad runs
Improving your focus and increasing the time you play your "A-Game"
Developing strong, healthy habits and a balanced lifestyle
Building a strong peer group of super motivated likeminded people
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I combine my knowledge of 10 years as a poker pro with the newest methods in Psychology to help you build a healthy & successful lifestyle.

Learn to deal with stress and finally build that healthy & balanced lifestyle!

"Success as a poker player" and "Being a happy human being" are not enemies. They support each other ! With my coaching you will learn to get the best out of both worlds.


Professional Poker Players
"Lone Wolf Poker Players" that have been doing everything alone and are looking for a super motivated peer group
Poker players who have unsuccessfully been trying to change their lifestyle again and again

I have worked with close to 100 poker-pros by now and produce Mental Game Videos for the #1 PLO training site in the world, PLO Mastermind.


Being calm and collected at the tables, even in stressful situations or long downswings
Super strong focus and the ability to resist the endless distractions of the online world
A healthier, happier lifestyle, that also improves your performance
A strong network  - Everything is so much easier when you work with likeminded people together

Initiate the change, that you have been wanting for so long!

Who am I?

My name is Jan Philippi, originally from Freiburg, Germany. Nowadays I live in Vienna, Austria, amongst many of the top poker pros in the world.

I have played poker profesionally from 2006-2016 and now am a Psychologist, Mindfulness Teacher, Positive Psychology Trainer and Psychotherapist in Training. I also regularly produce videos for the PLO Mastermind, the leading coaching site for Pot Limit Omaha. So I bring a unique skillset, that will help you improve not only your poker mental game but all aspects of your life.

The topics I coach today are things, that I personally struggled with a lot. During my early days as a poker player I was living the typical nerd-lifestyle with a unhealthy diet, nearly no physical acitivity and a very limited social life. I was unorganized, unhealthy, introverted and unhappy.

Through my own experience with coaching, therapy and self-development I went through the exact change, that I now help my clients to achieve.

I know exactly how my clients feel when they first start out. How hard change can be in the beginning and how frustrating it is to unsuccessfully try again and again to change bad habits.

With my experience and my help you don´t need to take the hard route. I will help you to creat that healthy, successful, balanced lifestyle, that we all want.

- Diploma in Psychology (University of Vienna)
- "Living Mindfulness, Teaching Mindfulness"-Certificate (Arbor Seminars)
- Certified Positive Leadership Consultant (Markus Ebner, Vienna)
- Ongoing Training as Psychotherapist (Universitiy of Vienna)
Jan Philippi
Psychotherapist in Training
Mindfulness Teacher
Positive Leadership Consultant

Client Testimonials

"Working with Jan has been fantastic for my life. I have noticed a massive improvement in so many different areas and I am very thankful for this. I don´t know where I would be without his coaching. There is no price-tag you can put on investing in yourself and in improving your quality of life!"

Steve MacPherson, Aspiring Pro

We´re happy to have Jan as part of our team. His Mental Game videos have been a valuable and unique addition to our content. He really understands the struggles and goals of poker players and provides not only evidence based theory but most importantly practical solutions. I think every (aspiring) poker pro needs a coach like Jan."

Fernando "JNandez" Habegger, PLO Mastermind Headcoach & Highstakes Pro

"Working with Jan was an investment for life. Its important to know, there is no such thing as a magic bullet that solves everything at once. But with the right tools and a strong commitment you can achieve a lot in life. And that is my main take-away from the coaching sessions. 100% recommended"

David, Midstakes PLO Pro

In the free call we define your goals, you will get to know my methods and find out, which program works best for you.

1on1 Coaching
10 hours of 1on1 Mental Game Coaching
Ongoing support & exercises to guarantee practical implementation
Invitation to Live Meetups

Changing a lifestyle requires time, hard work and commitment. If anybody ever promises you to change your life in less than 10 hours, please run away.

If you are ready and motivated, I will leave no question unanswered and make sure you´re 100% satisfied with the coaching.

Career Mentoring
Step by step process to improve every aspect of your career: 20 hours of coaching (10h Mental Game + 10h of Strategy) + Acess to Mastermind Peergroup
Move up in stakes, get to where you want to be in your career.
Massively increased commitment & accountability. Stop being a lonewolf who has to do everything by himself.
Play highly focussed and start enjoying the game more instead of mindlessly grinding endless hours.
Become a real professional. Find other ways of income than just grinding (coaching, sponsorships, staking, streaming, poker-related and non-related businesses).

Absolutely unique combination of strategy and mental game coaching. I cooperate with different high stakes coaches (available for PLO & NLHE cashgame and tournaments) to take your poker career to the next level.

PLO Strategy Coach: suhepx of PLO Mastermind

NLHE Strategy Coach: chrisbaem of PokerScientist

MTT Strategy Coach: tba

Mastermind Program
20 hours of coaching (1on1 or Group)
Access to Mastermind Peergroup
Invitation to Live Meetups

After going through the initial 10 hour coaching package you can also join my Mastermind Program for longterm support. This includes 20 hours of coaching and and acess to the peer group of highly motivated players.

Having the right people around you makes achieving your goals that much easier and more fun!

Before you book the free call, please ask yourself and answer honestly

Are you willing to change?
Is not changing more painful than overcoming your mental blockades and fears?
Are you ready to spend time, money and energy on the coaching?
Are you expecting me to solve your problems without putting in a lot of work?
I will do everything I can to help you find your motivation and to do the exercises, but in the end you´re the one who has to put in the effort.

The coaching is not about dealing with tilt a little better, it is about improving your whole life permanently.